Thursday, February 16, 2012

nak curik handbag, tapi ...

pada Jumaat 3 Februari 2012
9 malam
Yap Yann Fang, 31
seorang businesswoman yang berjaya
telah dipecah cermin depan keretanya
bahagian penumpang depan
ketika berhenti di lampu isyarat
di persimpangan Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ Subang.

yang tragiknya
bukan handbag yang ada di tempat duduk sebelah pemandu
tapi baby Giselle Wong yang berusia 17 bulan.
serpihan kaca bertaburan atas baju dan rambut Giselle.
kedua² beranak trauma akibat kejadian tersebut.

Yap kemudiannya melancarkan kempen kesedaran
supaya jenayah seumpamanya dihentikan

cermin kreta yang dipecahkan

"Say no to snatch thief"

Nota dari facebook Yap:

The Rising crimes in Malaysia, Who to be blame?
by Yap Yann Fang on Saturday, February 4, 2012 at 4:43am ·

Today I was being traumatized by the incident of my car side windscreen being smash by 2 motorcycle bag snatcher thieves. Baby G is sitting on the passenger seat and the window glasses were all over her, and both of us was in shock and cried. I was so angry with those bad guys that they didn’t even care to give a glance before they smash my windscreen. There are no handbags and there is a baby!!!

I felt so helpless and angry when the police said there is very little they can do, I am so angry with our Prime Minister and the government that they can’t make our beautiful country a safe and secure place for us to live……

I even told my friend that I wanted to write to the Prime Minister and ask him to focus in making our country a safer place to live…… Actually I am very SAD that the crimes in the country are rising to a very high level. Ask any of your friend or even yourself; I am sure someone you know is a victim of thieves before, either, on the street, car or house. The probability of you being a victim is extremely high!!

Then as I plan to write a letter to our PM, I think again, what can he do and what will he do? A lot of you might say….he will not do anything….so my question is WILL YOU DO ANYTHING IF YOU WITNESS A CRIME? Yes or No?

“ Those who witness the crimes in silent, shares the crime.”

Only yesterday I told my managers, if you see a staff breaks a rule and you ignore it, you are actually approving the wrong behavior and giving green lights to others that this wrong behavior is acceptable. What is the probability of this staff repeating the wrong behavior? And do you think the other staffs will tend to follow?

When I was working with my ex superior, she had once thought me a Chinese proverb


Xiu Shen, Qi Jia, Zhi Guo, Ping Tian Xia

Which means

If there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person.
If there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house.
If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation.
If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.

We as Malaysian, should be proud of how far we have come since 54 years of Independent, Our ancestors has fight hard for the freedom we enjoy today. As a strong nation we shall all fight for the freedom for our children, the freedom to be safe and secure in Malaysia. Freedom is lke anything else in the world, it is not free, and we got to work hard to achieve it.

As a Citizen,

We do not need to die for the country but the least we can do is to Love Ourselves and stay free from drugs and committing crimes ( a lot of these bad people are drug addicts and has lack of self love)

As a Parents

Love your children and educate them the right path of life, give them enough attentions so that they do not need to seek attentions from other people. (bad people tends love giving attentions to your children, and bad people tends to have broken family and lack of Love)

As a Teacher

Be a role model for the children. A corrupt and incompetent teacher can harm the children much more seriously than a class of corrupt and perverted police and politicians.

As a Lawyer

Protect our people’s rights and helping us make sound decisions. Don’t help to set bad people’s free, please persuade them to do the time if they did the crime.

As a Community

Providing help when others are in need in order to make the streets a safer place. Dare to voice out, never afraid to fight for justice and never support crime by buying stolen items or being a silent witness.

As a Government

Reducing crime by implementing an efficient and clean police force with better technology to catch thieves and criminals.

As a Politician

To focus on how to serve the citizens rather than focusing on how to defeat the opponents.

We all have a part to play concerning the future of our children; from the home we live to the leader we vote. If we do not want to be a ghetto society, we need to start be responsible and stop blaming the society and the government.

I have faith that this Dream of having Freedom of being safe and secure can be realised just by a simple act of Love Ourselves.

I know by writing this notes, I might not make a big different, but i hope I make a different in you who are reading this. Crime will not be defeated by Fear, it can only be defeated by Love and Courage.

Together we Fight for the Freedom for Our Children

A Malaysian,
Yann Fang

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