Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thank you for the baby bag!

alhamdulillah! selain daripada mama Pi yang hadiahkan baby Alice dengan stylish sling bag yang dia beli di Paris, director perempuan kat pejabat mommy pun hadiahkan beg untuk Alice. Memandangkan beg tu memang betul² untuk keperluan bayi - ada banyak compartment dan siap dengan changing mat lagi, memang berguna betul beg tu :)

mommy pun email kata terima kasih kepada director tu :)

Morning Ms Chan,

Thank you for the lovely gift of that chic baby bag. It’s indeed very useful!

I got my previous baby bag when I was pregnant. Thinking of not to be burdened with carrying too much stuff, I resort for a smaller bag compared to the one you gave me. Turned out the small bag was only ideal for quick outing or overnight.

On the other hand, for nursery, apart from the usual baby stuff that can fit into a small bag, I also need to carry additional items like blanket, thin portable baby mattress, small pillow, bottle warmer and cooler bag which contains 6 milk bottles with 3 ice packs. It’s quite tricky to carry everything since I already need both hands to hold my baby. Well thanks to you, now daily travel back and forth the nursery is not a hassle anymore :)

I must admit wont choose white for myself. Like most people I’d opt for plain black as any stain or wear and tear won’t be too obvious. However, seeing your pick of choice, I can see how stylish white and silver are. Evidently I should trust your taste as you’re successfully selling wallpaper for house owners and big projects (as wallpaper choices are more complicated in terms of designs, colors and feel!). As resourceful as you always are, you definitely got good advice from Farah of Sarakids about getting proper baby bag for new (inexperienced!) mom.

Thanks Ms Chan! :)

ni dia punya reply:

mudah²an makin bertambah melimpah ruah rezeki baby Alice :)

0 orang ckp 'shut up u!':

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