Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stylo Mama: Modu Sling Bag & Cooler Bag

Christmas comes early this year!
Or rather should I say it’s the blessing of Ramadhan? :)
Baby Alice and I were one of the luckiest people on earth!
Today we received loads of gifts!

First it was the visit of the big boss of Insan.
Insan is a Korean manufacturer.
Among others, they co-produced Modu Breastpump (with who else if not our very own Malaysian Farah of SaraKids’s team!).
In the midst of their meeting (which I like always - happy not to be included!), my Director called me.
Introduced me to Mr. Lee and the QC guy.
Asked me for direct feedback as Modu user.

After showing them my review and giving feedback plus suggestion, boss said Mr. Lee has a gift for me.
Colorless, odorless, no alcohol content sanitizer not only cleans but it’s is so safe that it’s edible.

Well, what a girl to do besides saying ‘kamsa hamnida’?
(plus the fact that’s the only Korean phrase I know apart from ‘annyeonghaseyo’ – btw I pronounce it correctly as ‘ann yeong haseyo’, ya! Hahaha sarkastik la pulak!) :p

Not forgetting, I also asked the translator to tell Mr. Lee that he found the right person for Modu because Farah is very popular, every mother knows her.
Both Mr. Lee and the QC guy nodded approvingly, and my Director said “Yeah I already told them that!”.

The Insan big boss demo this sanitizer by spraying it into his mouth! Do you think this will be the newest edition to Modu Breastpump set? Jeng jeng jeng ...!

Coincidently Insan meeting with SaraKids was also done at my office.
Farah came with her lively staffs.
You can always tell when the staffs are enjoying their work aight?
Instead of having intense bombarding meeting with the manufacturer, they were merrily laughing while doing their slide presentation (Farah was – can you believe it? – pumping milk in the unit beside, and only joined them shortly after).

While doing all that, Farah managed to hand me a gift.
She pulled out a Mam bottle from SaraKids pink paper bag, saying it’s for Alice.
She explained something about the teat and then quickly went back to join the meeting.
Carrying the paper bag, then only I realized there’re the whole set of Modu inside it!

Farah definitely outdone herself – this is too much!
Thanks Farah … now I wish you also sell iPad! :p

Picked up Alice when she was hungry, tired and crying; and let her play with her brand spanking new Mam bottle from Aunty Farah.
Baby Alice is practically 1 of the SaraKids kids now! :p

Modu Set:
Stylo Mama pink cooler bag that can fit 4 Stylo Mama pink bottles plus 3 Stylo Mama ice packs.
This cooler bag can snugly fit into the pink Modu Sling Bag which has an opening at the bottom for power and tube inlet – no need to take out the pink pump every time. Clever aight?!
Each sling bag and cooler bag comes with their very own adjustable straps.
Wait … how many times did I mention the word ‘pink’? :p

*just done with my after-sahur pumping session. Bottle, lactation cup and silicon funnel are still wet in the sterilizer. Thus tak cukup pelakon tambahan in the photo :p

Modu Set current promo.
Perfect for travelling balik raya this coming long holiday!
Pinky stylo moms be warned!
Visit SaraKids for more product.

Salam Ramadhan everyone!
May we all be blessed in each and every way this year :)

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