Sunday, July 7, 2013

gig 7/7/2013: Water Place KL

so i thought it was a good time
to do gig photography again.
i was dead wrong.

this time around

Darah & Maruah
managed to find a rather nice gig venue.
Water Place
Jalan Doraisamy, KL.
nearby Dang Wangi Police Station.

ample walkway area
 for ticketing purpose
and entrance validation.
the inside was chill
(compared to 'ala sauna typical gig venue)
with plenty of space for pogo pit.
the place was reasonably large
with fancy lighting system
and live band stage.

the stage was rather small though.
teringat kat band member Blind Terror
yang berdarah pipi
bila terkena gitar member sebelah
kat Giggers.
the good thing is
 a small stage can fit the whole band into a photo
plus the crowd
if you can get good angle.

 if there's anything to complain about
 it will be about those damn pillars
 cleverly dressed up in funky wall paper.
 cant get 180 degrees of the stage view.
not much sight from the cozy sofa area

teringat talibun
Menyahut panggilan apabila dipanggil ke istana:
Yang capik datang bertongkat.
yang ni versi punk.
tak dapat perform pun datang support!

how was the crowd?
well, since it was one the most anticipated gigs of the year
(for those involved, of course!)
it was rendezvous at large.
national level.
catching up and juicy gossip.

dia nak bertunang ...
yang dulu putus dah ...
pengantin baru turun gig sama je macam masa bujang ...
dah kerja KL sekarang ..
mak marah masuk kaler :p

hai, asal tak jadi kahwin je
mesti salahkan famili.
mak tak suka la.
mak yang suruh la.
tak ada pulak sebut diri serba serbi kekurangan :p

ehem! bakal² ... sapa dulu?

so Alice is 2 months past her 2nd birthday.
 even after giving her the usual nap in the morning
she still felt asleep
after (milk!) feeding
in the venue.
so the place was cold
 fumed with cigarette smoke.
... in retrospect
what in the seashell was i (not!) thinking?

back to the gig.
only manage to catch
the first few bands.
have you seen
it does crossed my mind
that skinheads might want to grow long hair
 after seeing the crowd head banging

Heil Jugra

i felt helpless at that exact moment.
i wanted to try both of my new gear.
a good compact camera
 and a bulky point & shoot
(how irony!) :p
there were so much things to do!
experiment with new venue.
shots of head banging crowds.
pogo pit form different angle.
(musical) instrument with bokeh.
slow shutter speed on drummers drumming.
continuous shot on a punk in pogo pit.
the possibility was endless!

unfortunately i was mom first
and hobbyist
... God knows what number.

i will be back!

Boot Axe
boikot huru hara!

band abang² perform last

if i can sum it all up 
in a couple of sentences:
" ... ni semua salah abang Akim sebab tak pacakkan rambut adik dia.
dah orang ingat Boot Axe ada vox baru ...

mengata aku ya,
sentap mak!

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