Thursday, June 28, 2012


i'm always amazed with those who are structured,
well organized and somehow maintain to be in that state

have you ever seen something
so subtle
yet quirky enough to hit a raw nerve?
something unexpectedly inspiring.

i used to love to write.
i like being able to express myself
in a way only i can.
i like words
(tho my vocab are sadly limited)
i like meaning behind words
i like advertisement that use cleaver words
(so not ONLY sex sells)
i like to learn and spreading pseudo-knowledge
i like being smart

and now?
i make 'with an active baby' as an excuse
... every time!
i cant live without spell check.
the only time i lift a pen
is when keyboard (pc/hp) is not available.
i compose neat email, report, letter for work; script for tv program and review for freinds' product.
i'm still and will always be learning bits and pieces of beautiful words every now and then
i write a blog ... in Bahasa Melayu :p

will there be a day
of journal and feather quill for me?
would it be sunny and bright?

my ahem ... clutter.
kantoi ada Oreo atas meja :p

this is my best shot at being organized.
siap test cop lagi kat scratch book :p
page sebelah tu recycle budak opis punya slip gaji :p

inspiring image from Anaz POH's fb

0 orang ckp 'shut up u!':

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