Thursday, June 23, 2011

asal emo je nak cakap English!

the dreaded day came & went by.
i didn't even sleep a wink last nite.
or my wink is not as fast as it shud (am i makin any sense here?)

so i sent alice to the 'nursery'
or what happen to be a humbly furnished office space
there were few other babies & toddlers there
i secured alice's cot and went off when alice just about to bawl one of her high key pitches
i just need to leave or i'll be stucked there till closing time

the one who's takin care of the baby was rather young
not even a mom i recon
she gave some good suggestions
plus ones i'm not really fond of
i suppose she's an older hand at the kiddie game since she's being doin it rather a wee bit much longer than i have alice
hmmm i just have to let go ...

mommy, kiss me if you can! :(

i must say i'm quite concern about feeding alice since they're not familiar with EBM
its not that hard aight:
- keep milk on middle shelve in fridge (no need to freeze)
- heat milk with warmer (provided on purpose)
- check milk temprature before givin to baby
- use milk immidiately
- discard leftover milk after 1 hour of heating

its so simple even YOU can do it aight?

what do i get after 4 hours of nusery?
- diaper changed 1x
- alice fed 1x 3oz (shud it be 2x instead? do you think alice gonna put off weight?) *sigh*
- alice is still in 1 piece (thank God!)

what did i do when i got around 3 hours on my own for the 1st time since alice was born?
spring cleaning!
the whole house was spit shine!
i wanted to clean the room and flip the bed for quite a while, but alice always sleeps there

i hope my dear hubby notice the changes

... kadang-kadang orang perempuan nih bila dah jadi emak lupa nak jadi isteri
- sekadar memetik
something i've read somewhere

23rd June 2011 9am-1pm: baby Alice 1st nursery experience
... wish me luck (or her?)

baby Alice pakai skirt Care Bear yang mama Mia bagi. tq mama Mia! :)

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