Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lazada Malaysia faulty merchandise 28 May 2014

Order number: 301285492

Purchase chronology:
26/5/2014, Monday - Placed order
27/5/2014, Tuesday - Merchandised shipped
28/5/2014, Wednesday - Merchandise received

Great job in fast delivery! 
Merchandise received within 3 days!

However, the merchandise received was faulty.

Icons on the display were perfectly there
but display of the image to be shot was distorted!

Display on standby mode 
ready to take photo.
camera display show distorted image in magenta hue.

Then display went blank except for icons of the camera

Same. no display from sensor/lens

Warranty card from Miyamodo

1) What is the item?
I purposely do not specify the item as I believe Lazada Malaysia would be responsible on each and every item sold, regardless of brand (this is a very reputable brand) or price (this item cost more than a thousand of RM!).
Yes, receiving this faulty merchandise was very unexpected, especially after I have read a lot of good reviews about Lazada great service starting 2013. Most of the reviews were successful purchases for much cheaper items.

2) 1 to 1 exchange, customer to pick up
My request was for 1 to 1 exchange and I would like to pick the merchandise myself as it will definitely safe valuable time, money, energy and resources if God forbid, the next item is not in tip top condition.
This is also to eliminate the probability of merchandise of being damaged during delivery - maybe this item is not very suitable to be couriered. 

3) Full refund
If (2) is not feasible, full refund should be made.
However, this would be the very last resort as I love the Lazada cheaper price. If I need to put in some more money to get item that actually work, sadly, so let it be.

4) Repair
I do not wish to buy faulty item and send them for repair. Totally out of the question!

5) Action by Lazada
Till now I am still waiting for Lazada Malaysia to rectify this matter.
Will update soon.

Refund (for merchandise price only, no refund on courier charges!) received.
Took a long 20 days
or 15 working days to get my refund!

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